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P-51D Mustang | Premium Print

P-51D Mustang | Premium Print

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The P-51 actually began its career as the A-36 Apache dive bomber. The first aircraft was designed and built for the British Royal Air Force in only 117 days. Its first flight was in October 1940. The performance of the A-36 was not what the R.A.F. was expecting so it was employed primarily as a ground attack aircraft. After the Rolls Royce Merlin engine was fitted to the Mustang, its performance was greatly increased. The USAAF deployed the first P-51s in October 1943. They were a welcome addition to the 8th A.F. being able to escort the bombers all the way to Berlin and back. With their superb maneuverability and firepower, Mustang pilots soon began to beat the feared Japanese Zero, the German Fw 190, and the Me 109. P-51’s flew in all European Theaters and the China Burma Theater as well. Considered by many to be the best overall fighter of WWII, the P-51 Mustangs looks and performance assures its place in history as one of the best fighter ever built.

Meet the artist Douglas Kinsley!

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