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P-38J Lightning | Premium Print

P-38J Lightning | Premium Print

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First flight of the P-38 took place in January of 1939. It was clearly the fastest US fighter at the time. Deployed to the European theater and the Mediterranean theater, the P-38 excelled as a ground support attack aircraft. However, the Lightning was more successful as a fighter interceptor in the South Pacific than in any other theater of operations. Richard Bong became the countries highest scoring ace while flying the P-38. Used on one of the most significant missions of the Pacific War, sixteen P-38’s intercepted and shot down Admiral Isaroku Yamamoto’s Betty Bomber. The architect of the Pearl Harbor attack, he was on an inspection tour of Bougainville island. Famed aviator Charles Lindbergh toured the South Pacific as a civilian contractor. He was sent to help improve the performance of the P-38. While there, he took part in a number of combat missions and even shot down one Japanese aircraft. After the war, surplus P-38’s were sold to various countries where they served for many years with distinction.

Meet the artist Douglas Kinsley!

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