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C-141B Starlifter | Premium Print

C-141B Starlifter | Premium Print

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The Lockheed C-141 Starlifter was a heavy lift military aircraft flown exclusively with the U.S. Air Force with the exception of one C-141 being flown by NASA. It was designed to replace the C-124 Globemaster, a slow piston engine aircraft. It first flew in 1963 with production deliveries beginning in 1965. A ferry range of over 6000 miles, it could carry loads of up to 90,000 lbs. over short distances. It could carry up to 154 troops or 123 paratroopers. C-141 Starlifter's were used extensively during the Vietnam War delivering troops and supplies to airbases throughout East Asia. In 1973, C-141s were used to evacuate American P.O.W.s from Hanoi North Vietnam flying them to Clark Air Base, Philippines. The C-141 was modified in 1979, stretching the fuselage some 23 feet. The Starlifter remained in service for nearly 40 years and finally being retired in 2006.

Meet the artist Douglas Kinsley!

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