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C-130 Hercules | Premium Print

C-130 Hercules | Premium Print

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The Lockheed C-130 Hercules is a medium lift, four engine, turboprop transport. Its first flight was in 1954 and went in to service in 1956. The Hercules is undoubtedly the most successful transport ever developed with numerous variants ranging from the standard cargo/troop carrier to AC-130 gunship to the KC-130 aerial tanker. The C-130 Hercules also holds the record for the largest and heaviest aircraft to take off and land on an aircraft carrier. C-130’s saw extensive use in the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War and current operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The C-130 continues to be built with the latest model being the C-130J. It is the only military aircraft to remain in production for 50 years and is flown by more than 60 nations. No other transport aircraft can boast such a long and diverse career.

Meet the artist Douglas Kinsley!

Sizes are measured Height x Width in Inches Each small & medium print comes signed, matted and shrink wrapped.

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