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B-17 Flying Fortress | Premium Print

B-17 Flying Fortress | Premium Print

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The B-17 Flying Fortress was undoubtedly the most recognized bomber of WWII. Deliveries to the Army Air Corps begin before America’s entry into the war. By 1941, the US was principally concerned with strengthening its forces in the Far East. B-17’s would fly to Clark Field in the Philippine Islands with refueling stops at Hickam Field. Scheduled to arrive on Sunday morning, December 7th, a flight of B-17’s from Hamilton Field, California, came under attack as they approached Pearl Harbor. Carrying no ammunition to defend themselves, the Fortresses could do nothing except land at the first available airfield. The B-17 was favored over the B-24 in the European theater by its crews because it could take more punishment than the B-24’s and still bring their crews home. The most famous B-17 of all, The Memphis Belle, was the first Flying Fortress to complete 25 missions, afterwards returning to the states and touring the country helping to sell war bonds. The last version, the B-17G model incorporated the new chin turret which helped defend from frontal attacks by German fighters. No other bomber in history has evoked such affection from their crews and enthusiasts alike as the B-17 Flying Fortress.

Meet the artist Douglas Kinsley!

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